"I want to make life easier & more fun to live"

I believe that design is an opportunity to create experiences through actions.
Great design should not be something you think about, it should be intuitive and fun.

I’m a powerful woman. I bring a positive energy with me, and I share it with the people I work with. 
I’m focused about getting the best out of every situation, I love working in groups because then there is a larger range of skills that can work together to achieve the best project.
"2 heads think better than 1"
I have a good overview, which makes it possible for me to look at a lot of different aspects in the project, but also acknowledging deadlines and delegating the work within the group.
One of my favorite expression is; "It is not carved in stone".
This gives the group an ease about the work, and makes it easier for people to accept things, work further on it and to take chances, we can always go back and change things, re-evaluate and reconsider.

SKILLS // making things come alive

Github // InVision App // DSKD method cards // Adobe Creative Suit

QUALITIES // me in a nutshell

Curious // Inventive // Optimistic // Team Player // Initiate Taker // Data oriented // Conceptualizer // Hollistic approach // Strong Personality // Result Oriented // Cooperative // Engaged // Decisive

EDUCATION // designing since '10

Kolding School of Design 2016-2017
MA in Communicatio design
At my final year of my MA I focused and dedicated my MA project on my startup Foster Success.

Future Entrepreneur of Denmark 2016
Talent Program, Fall batch 
Future Entrepreneurs of Denmark (FED) is a diverse talent network that was established to bridge the gap between companies, the academic world and entrepreneurs. The network is a joint initiative of student organizations from numerous top universities in Denmark with focus on entrepreneurship. Read in more detail about my experiences at FED here

RED Academy 2016
Parttime course in Web Development
During this 12 week course I learned HTML, CSS and Javascript. We made 3 projects from scratch min. of 3 pages using the skills we aquired. Feel free to take a look at my Github.


Kolding School of Design 2014-2015
MA in Communication design
My first year of my MA consisted of, exchange at Emily Carr and an internship at Founders House.


Emily Carr University of Art + Design 2014
One semester in their Interaction Major exchange program.
As an exchange student at Emily Carr I had the freedom to create my own schedule based on the skills I wanted to focus on.
4D Core Design class by Haig Armen.  
Interactive Design Principles by David Drucker.
Research + Methodology by Eugenia Bertulis.
Strategies + Visualization by Eugenia Bertulis.


Kolding School of Design 2011-14 
BA in Communication design
As a communication design I've learned skills from graphic design, illustration and different sorts of interaction design. This have given me a broad set of tools and experiences. I've worked with international students as well as danish, worked in groups and alone.
One of the strengths from my bachelor is that I've finished with an attitude that no matter which problem/task you'll throw at me, I can solve it!


Kompetencehuset Århus 2011 
(6 month course) Graphic design & commercials
At Kompetencehuset I played around in the graphical field. Working broad from analog printing to digital. Here I had in-depth courses in InDesign and Photoshop.


VERA Copenhagen 2010 
(6 month course) Industrial design & architecture
Vera gave me the opportunity to approach industrial design with an interaction angle. I always tried to push the limit for my projects. It wasn't about creating something beautiful, it was about interpreting peoples need and add functionality. 


Den skandinaviske design højskole 2010 
(6 month course) Industrial design & architecture

At den skandinaviske designhøjskole I had the possibility to explore the field of industrial design and architecture. I quickly discovered that I was more interested in the Smart objects or The Internet of Things then the actual field of industrial design. This was also where I realized that I was an Interaction Designer by heart.


Munkensdams gymnasium 2004-07
Language student in Spanish, English & German. Electives; social studies & economics and business.


WORK // it's all about the people

Closet Relay
Jan 2016 - July 2016 // UX/UI Designer // Part time //
At Closet Relay we worked on optimizing the current iOS app. I conducted research as content audit to get a full understanding of the product, workshop with users, competitor analysis, prototyping and implementation in the app.

Feb 2016 - Apr 2016 // UX/UI Designer // Full time //
At iHeart I did a redesign of their mobile iOS app. I conducted remote research with the current users of the product. We had several prototypes, starting out in paper and ending up in digital, all coming alive in Invisio to be tested with users to reveive feedback for the future development.

July 2015 - Nov 2015 // UX/UI Designer // Full time //
At Voleo I worked side by side with the dev team. I conducted user interview, tool kit exercises and surveys with our beta users. Based on those insights we worked on new features to the app. I created mockup's and documents the ios and android developers could work from. I made icons, rich push messengers and other kind of material for both the android and the ios app. In collaboration with the project manager and The Jibe, we developed a web app based on the mobile app.

Founders House

Jan 2015 - June 2015 // Communication & UX/UI design intern // Full time //
At Founders House I worked with different startup's in the house. Looked at their UX/UI and come with recommendations they could act on. I had the chance to work with Talify, Labster, Newsio, Publia, Vaavud amongst others. I worked with the Founders House crew on the social media voice and how to differentiate theirs from Startup Village CPH. Besides that I contributed to the daily operations of the house and made sure there always was good vibes. I facilitated different events that organizations held in Founders House.

Lundgren VIP

Aug 2016 - Current  // Wine waitress // Part time // (Jan 2015 - June 2015)
I greeted customers and talk to them to gain insights about their wine taste, I selected wines they would appreciate and present the wines for them. It was all about the storytelling experience.

Fitness World

2010-2015 // Team Instructor// Part time //
Circuit training, HIT, Power toning, Kettle cross, Body fit, Stram op (tighten up), Puls styrke (cardio and strength), Stationstræning (station training) and Skipping instructor.
// I prepare classes, instruct, guided both verbally but also tactile, make people sweat, make people smile and correct their technique.

Copenhagen Municipality Homecare

2008-2010 // Uneducated Home Helper // Full time
// I worked with different old people in their homes, both physical tasks including cleaning, grocery shopping, help with personal hygiene and taking medicine, or with mental support. Having such a close contact to elder people expanded my view on needs and values.

Copenhagen Municipality Youth and Sparetime Facility

2007-2008 // Teaching assistance (Pædagogmedhjælper) // Full time
// I worked in school care facility with children from the age of 6-11. I mainly work with entertaining the children and then I had a part in the creative team, where we made different small creative projects amongst other things making a advent calendar. This experience taught me a lot about how to approach children and how to make them engaged with an activity.

VOLUNTEERING // making a difference because I care

Ladies that UX // Copenhagen // Organizer
Oct 2016 - Current

Ladies that UX is a social enterprise with international branches. I founded the Copenhagen branch because I belive that the UX women need a space to meet, learn about each other and learn from each other. We're focusing on social inclusion, network and knowledge sharing.

Service Design, Ignition Conference 2016 Copenhagen
November 10th 2016

I approached the Ignition team regarding volunteering at the event. I shared and was active in the social media content on Facebook and LinkedIn. On the day I help with practical things, like setting up, handing out name tags and collecting them once the conference was over.


Ladies that UX // Copenhagen // Organizer
Mar 2016 - July 2016 // Co-Organizer

Ladies that UX is a social enterprise with international branches. I co-organized meetups and in collaboration with Brenna Randlett we came up with the sub-event, "Research Method Workshop Series." I planned

EXPERIENCE // I love staying active in the tech & design community

Nest 2016 Copenhagen

Nest is a co-living space in the heart of Copenhagen, it's for people in the startup and tech environment and you have to apply, get interview and selected to move into Nest.
Nest was founded on the philosophy
that 'you are the average of the people you gather around you'

Tech BBQ 2016 Copenhagen

TechBBQ is the quintessential and largest startup and innovation summit in Denmark and Greater Copenhagen gathering 1700 passionate people in the Opera House.


VanTec off Broadway 2016 Vancouver


I pitched our startup Foster Success, only 2 mins and we were chosen to have the second best pitch of the batch.

StartupBus 2016 Vancouver

Our bus had the theme Social Impact and I pitched the concept that would later manifest itself as my startup Foster Success.
Foster Success is a social platfrom for foster parents to deal with the frustrations that arise when you're working with traumatized children.
Driving to Boulder Collorado, through the Rocky Mountains with no wifi connection and sometimes even no phone connection we still managed to make it to the semi final. I pitched the concept in front of all the bustrepeanurs and answer questions from the judges with our team.

Startup Weekend  2015 Vancouver

I pitched a concept, but teamed up 2 designers, 2 buz guys and 1 dev to work on the concept WowIt. When you've been in a relationship for some times the romance sometimes becomes hard to maintain. We made a social platform where the users are the content providers. Here they share their romantic (romance in the sense of actions that shows appreciate for the partner) experiences to inspiration for other people. We validated it several times and got amazing feedback from the users.
See more here

Startup Weekend Finance 2015 Copenhagen

I pitched my idea and formed a strong team ready to work with FinTech. We created the concept World Wallet which is a pre-paid card you can use when travelling abroad to avoid bank fee up to 3% eg. currency exchange. It uses the same tech that TranspherWise does and could disrupt the financial system. 
We won 2nd place for this concept and left the judges "blown away"
See more here


Designing Smart Products Conference 2015 Copenhagen

Two packed days of lectures from talented people like Euan Davis from Cognizant, Henrik Føhns from DR Harddisken, Carsten Schelling & Sven Rudolph from Ding3000, visiting Copenhagen Solution Labs, a drawing workshop with Mie Nørgaard and a lot of networking, beautifually hosted by Delta, idemo and Danish Designcenter

Global Service Jam 2015 Copenhagen

This weekend was intens learning and hard work. We ended up with a service through an app that connected parents and their kids to the playground. You would be able to see if other families was at the playground. This creates a digital space of awerness that can make parents feel safe about sending their older kids alone to the playground or perhaps avoid playgrounds that's cramped.
We won as "the most productive team" (over 1.000 postits in 2 days)

Startup Weekend 2014 Vancouver

I participated in the start up weekend where I pitched my idea, formed a team with people who had interestes in the same idea field and created the concept based brand applause!
I presented the concept with one of my teammates in front of the jury and appoximately 200 viewers.


Fiction Design, Religion Design 2014 Kolding

We did a group workshop with Thomas Thwaites. We were to create a fictive religion for the future. We made a "religion" called Your Direction. During pregnancy the parents should decide which job the child should have when they grow up. So the child will attend a targeted kindergarten, primary school, and be pushed in the right direction throughout their childhood.

Read more about;
Thomas Thwaites

Methode Collaboration 2012 Kumasi
In a collaboration with Ghanian students from KNUST University, we made a project about trash, which was guided by Silje Kamille Friis and based on the DSKD Method Cards she and Anne Katrine Gelting made for Kolding School of Design.  
We got the methods under our skin and I can without a doubt say that this experience have change my approach to design research, I wouldn't have been without it.
See more here

Service Design, Ignition Conference 2016 Copenhagen

This service design conference had leading experts coming, from international acknowlegde as well as Danish experts, successful agencies, consultants and business cases.
Lavrans Løvlie, Søren Bechmann, Advice, Kaus Lund & Partnere, Tivoli, Kolding Municipality was some of the speakers.

Creative Business Cup, Denmark 2016 Copenhagen

Foster Success was chosen to participate in the Creative Business Cup two day workshop and then the national competition.

Tracktion Conference 2016 Vancouver
This is a Marketing confernece and in such a short while I learned so much. It was eyeopening and gave me some new tools to tap into.

ProtoHack 2016 Vancouver

2nd place winner with the concept Kink Link. This was a 1 day Hackathon but we learned so much that day. If Tinder, OK Cupid and Fetlife had a threesome, Kink Link would be the lovechild. It's a matchmaking app for people with fetishes (a 4,5 milion users marked in NorthAmerica alone) to meet in a private way where they get matched based on their kinks to avoid getting involved with people who have conflicting sexsual interests.
Read more detailed about this experience https://goo.gl/hGRa1g


Tech & Design Conference Touchpoint 2015 Vancouver

"Touchpoint is a design and technology conference for the creative community, where bright ideas form the most inspired minds." Very intersting and different talks from design professionals from small starups, agencies and large coorporations.

Random Hack of Kindness, Hackathon 2015 Vancouver
I had the opportunity to work with 1 full stack dev, 2 frontend devs, 1 ios dev and 1 dev with mapping expertise. We chose to work on the project called Tea Time. A platform where newcomers (Syrian refugees) and locals (Vancouverites) can plan meetups to build bridge between the 2 cultures. This is an ongoing side project.
See more here


Global Sustainability Jam 2015 Vancouver

This weekend was in the sustainabillity sign. Our team made a concept to increase awearness about trash sorting in the public space for vision impeared people in Vancouver, BC. We made different sort of exercises to narrow down our focus and gained a lot of insights from roleplaying the experience out.

Creative Business Booster 2015 Copenhagen

Working with the concept applause! and getting amazing tools from Lasse Chor. We had plenty of people out sharing their experinces being and building a startup eg. Dark Matter, Industrial Artist Rasmus B. Fex, Dome of Visions, GoBoat and Deloitte. Linda Mostrup Pedersen gave excellent sales counsel and suited us up to the challenges and choices you need to make when building a startup.

Tech BBQ 2015 Copenhagen

TechBBQ is the quintessential and largest startup and innovation summit in Denmark and Greater Copenhagen gathering 1700 passionate people in the Opera House.

Social Entrepreneurship Weekend 2015 Copenhagen

I learned a lot about what social entrepreneurship is and can be. I had the pleasure of working with Ath Gens that weekend and look forward to following them into their startup future. Furthermore I went to the Social Entrepreneurship Awardshow and meet the 10 finalists, learned more about their projects and voted for the winner (yes!)

Young Creative Circle Award 2014 Kolding

Young Creative Circle Award 2014 I participated in YCCA with Grith Vemming Oksen. We designed a campaign for a group for young people from the age 15-26, all who are diagnosed with HIV or AIDS.

Service Design Collaboration 2013 Shanghai
Collaboration with students from Tongji University in Shanghai, China.
We worked in a group of 7 which was divided into a communication design group and an industrial design group. I was in the communication design group where we developed our service design concept for a holistic transportation system for Tongji campus.
We ended up participating at The Nordic Design Week exhibition with our project, Tongji Bike.
See more here

Games Narratives workshop 2011 Kolding

Family visits in prison can be a profoundly difficult and awkward situation. I participated in this workshop where we tried to resolve this problem.

Read more about the game in this article from Mind Design; 
"When Dad Is in Prison"



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