Tea Time // meeting across cultures

How might we create a social platform for newcomers  (eg. Syrian refugees) to Canada to connect with locals
and build bridges between the two cultures?

HACKATHON 2015 // Random Hacks of Kindness // Peace Geeks, Vancouver, Canada

COLLABORATION //  Elgin-Skye McLaren, Frontend Developer // Siva Jay, Backend/Frontend Developer // Auston Salvana, iOS Developer // Duy Tran, Frontend Developer // Ankit Rawat, Frontend Developer // Jeremy Poole, Frontend Developer // Johnny Lay, Frontend Developer

ROLE // As the only designer, I created the identity for the project. In collaboration we clearified the structure of the platform. Working with refugees who might have had traumatic experiences we had to make some extraordinary conciderations. I paper prototyped, created wireframes and created mockups for both desktop and iOS developers.

PROJECT OBJECTIVE // For newcomers it can be difficult to intergrate into Canadian culture and society. The newcomers might have had a lot of traumatic experiences which makes it hard to reach out to locals, especially if they don't feel secure about the locals' willingness to socialize with them. As the newcomers adapt to their new environment and lifestyle, they might miss the opportunity of talking, asking locals about ordenairy things like: "Can you recommend a dentist?" On the other side Local people are at the moment signing up for programs to help newcomers intergrate. This puts increasing pressure on the volunteer system to facilitate meetings/introductions. Because of the time the organisation needs to faclitate the meeting/introductions, locals are growing impatient. They don't see a outcome of their input (signing up).

CONCEPT // 1. It's for newcomers to meet and interact with locals. This will create a warm space where connections can be made, which otherwise would have been hard to establish for the newcomers. 2. For the locals (Vancouverites) it creates a space where they actively can reach out to the newcomers and build bridges for people who wants to intergrate in the Canadian society. It benefits the locals because they can make a impact and have more control over their volunteer work.

// hope you enjoyed a peak into my toolbox