Blinking Bricks // fun is a blink away

How might we kick-start the imagination of children who do not know what to build with Lego bricks?

STUDENT WORK 2013 // Business cooperation with Lego // Kolding School of Design, Denmark

COLLABORATION // Jakob Huldahl, DSKD, Product Design

ROLE // attended intensive idea creation workshop as preparation for the project and subsequently developed the concept. Tested concept with target audience and created a storyboard. In charge of creating, editting and animating the promotional video for Lego and conceptualised and executed packaging design. Prepared and presented the concept to Lego with positive feedback from superiors. 

PROJECT OBJECTIVE // Focusing on the children who don't instantly know what to build with Lego was an exciting approach to this project.

CONCEPT //  We wanted to kick start the kids imagination. Using the new technology plastic electronics, we can make the classic Lego eye brick wink. This gives the impression that the Lego is alive. This personalization of the brick is a fun way to open up to a creative playtime.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT // Thanks to Lyshøj SFO & Lego

// hope you enjoyed a peak into my toolbox