World Wallet // fee free babee

How might we reduce the hidden fees from using your creditcard when traveling abroard?

STARTUP WEEKEND 2015 // Startup Weekend Finance // CFIR Copenhagen Fintech Innovation and Research, Copenhagen, Denmark

COLLABORATION // Maria Flyvbjerg Bo, Financial Business // Marek Kulik, Value Chain Manager // Cristi Nită, Full Stack Developer 

ROLE // We collaborated on finalizing our idea, Maria and I went out and validated our idea throug user feedback. I wireframed the app, made a rough/MVP mockup to present for the judges.

PROJECT OBJECTIVE // Every day people travel abroad but pay with their local paymentcard. Every time they use their card up to 3% of the purchase goes to their banks, currency exchange and other "money-men", this adds up to a massive amount worldwide.

CONCEPT // World Wallet wil be a pre-paid card which can be managed through an app. It uses the same tech that TranspherWise does and could disrupt the financial system. You avoid fees which saves you money, it's more secure because you can block your card through the app, it's easy to get an overview of your balance, transfer money and after a holiday get feedback about your spendings.


We won 2nd place in Startup Weekend Finance 2015

Judges said they've blown away

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