Ghana collaboration method project // party trasher

How might we get in depth knowledge of DSKD (Kolding school of Design) method cards?
The focus in this course was more on the process than the final product

STUDENT WORK 2012 // School Collaboration // Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi, Ghana

COLLABORATION // Alberta Ayima Sam Annan, KNUST, Fine Arts // Mavis Nelson, KNUST, Fine Arts // Tetteh Christorifo, KNUST, Fine Arts // Nanna Åkjær Sørensen, DSKD, Product Design

ROLE // Assigned as project leader, responsible for the smooth-running of the project and ensured all team member skills were utilised and valued, resulting in an thorough work-through of processes relating to the DSKD method cards. 

PROJECT OBJECTIVES // In the savvy hands of associate professor Silje Kamille Friis, we completed a methodology course, based on the DSKD method cards. We where working with trash as our main subject going through different phases; Collaborate, Collect, Comprehend, Conceptualize and Create. We ended up with a rough concept about trash disposal at party events. We want to make it fun to dispose your trash. 

CONCEPT // Sucking Ceiling makes it easy and fun. Once you finished your drink and are left with an empty plastic cup, just throw it up in the air and the sucking air vents catch the cup and it flies away into the trash bin.

WORKSHOP COURSE // DSKD method cards // Silje Kamille Friis

ARTICLES //  See article here;
"A Good Design ­Process Is In the Cards"

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