KINK LINK // find the right kinky partner

How might we make a matchmaking site where people can meet each other in a private space and connect based on their sexual comparability?

PROTO HACK 2016 // Vancouver, Canada


COLLABORATION // April Piluso, research, UX + strategy designer // Kurtis Stewart, idea man and presenter

ROLE // April and I collaborated on creating a look and feel of the app. We

PROJECT OBJECTIVE // people who express their sexualties activly usually call it kinks. When dating they can have problems because it's hard to find people with similar kinks, people who want the same sexual stimulations, and developing emotions for a person who have a different sexuality can be frustrating and ultimately end with a breakup. So avoid wasting time, energy and emotions for people who usually are defined regarding what they want sexually, is needed.

CONCEPT // Kink Link is a discret dating platform for users with sexual prefrences, kinks, where they can connect with other singles. An algoritme will calculate the two users compatability based on their sexual prefrences. Once both parties link up they'll be able to start communication.

BLOG POST // Read about the process and how the weekend took place here

// hope you enjoyed a peak into my toolbox