Personal Program // a personal trainer in your pocket

How might I persuade motivated members at Fitness World to get into a good workout rythme
that adds value to their training program while also providing them with knowledge to facilitate future workouts?

STUDENT WORK 2014 // Bachelor Project // Kolding School of Design, Denmark

ROLE // Personal project and responsible the conducting of all research, streamlining of focus and selecting issues to resolve. Incorporated wireframe and produced prototypes, designed logo and developed the app-concept. Created and tested instructional videos for the app and conducted thorough testing to hone the videos' efficacy. Tested and validated the app-concept with the target group feedback, and created a promo video as a way of introducing the concept to Fitness Worlds marketing plan.

PROJECT OBJECTIVE // A lot of members in gyms have problems with general technique, which is a shame because people waste their time when they don't execute the exercises in a proper way - they may even hurt themselves.

CONCEPT // I've created an app that gives new members a program based on their wishes but also depending on how often they workout. The program is dynamic and keeps changing/expanding over time. With every new exercise there is an instructual video that explains the exercise and machine; this video is specially produced and tested to make sure that beginners understand all the important details in the exercise. After the workout is done, the member will receive an estimated calorie burn and be shown a body map that illustrates exactly which muscles they've been working. The app make an easy transition into the world of fitness and create confident, skilled members.

App Animation // try the app here

The app is however in Danish

// hope you enjoyed a peak into my toolbox