VOLEO // social spin on financial investing

"Our vision is to change investing from a confusing and frustrating chore,
to an accessible and enjoyable social experience. We want to create a
new generation of connected investors who feel informed empowered, and confident."

PROFESSIONAL WORK 2015 // UX/UI Designer // Voleo Inc.

ROLE // I worked side by side with the dev team. I conducted user interview, tool kit exercises and surveys with our beta users. Based on those insights we worked on new features to the app. I created mockup's and documents the developers could work from. I made graphic material like icons for both Android and iOS, info graphics for rich push messengers, visuals for our marketing and social media and much more. In collaboration with the project manager and The Jibe, we developed a web app based on the mobile app.

COLLABORATION // in the tech team we had daily scrum meetings and used Github to manage the workload.

IMPLEMENTATION // Thorugh my research and in collaboration with my team leader, I set up a system for managing the notifications the users were receiving which was causing them a lot of pain. I created wireframes, prototypes and a guide explaining how the dev team needed to execute and provided them with e.g. buttons in the needed formats.
I itterated like a crazy person on the onboarding for our national (Canada) student competition and with that I wirefremed, prototyped and created a guide for the functionality to create clubs and to invite people to the club.
The dev team worked fast so we implemented more and we always keept an eye on bugs especially those which messed up the interface.

// hope you enjoyed a peak into my toolbox