DSKD Graduates app // curiosity inc.

How might we create an app that gives people an opportunity to see the profiles and projects of graduates of Kolding School of Design while at home sitting on the couch?

STUDENT WORK 2012 // Kolding School of Design, Denmark

COLLABORATION //  Stine Bjerrum Thomsen, DSKD, Communication Design // Jane Kloster, DSKD, Communication Design

ROLE // Attended intesive HTML and CSS coding course. Team-based conceptualisation of an app. Implemented new knowledge by being repsonsible within the team for all HTML and CSS coding for the app. Collaborated and streamlined graphic design ideas with realistically achievable result in terms of user experience and interfaces.

PROJECT OBJECTIVE // Every year the graduate students of Kolding School of Design participate in an exhibition and an amazing catalog showing the graduates and their projects is produced. Many graduates are offered jobs at companies who attend the exhibition, but all of this is only available if you physically are present in Kolding during the exhibition time.

CONCEPT // We want to make an app that makes it possible for everyone to access the information about the graduates and their projects, but also gives the visitor an overview of the structure at the exhibition.

WORKSHOP COURSE // HTML and CSS // Peter Koraca

// hope you enjoyed a peak into my toolbox