Informed Dining // dining for your goals

How might we create a tool that helps inform people about the nutritional value of the food they buy
and eat at restaurants based on their goals?

STUDENT WORK 2014 // Health Families BC Informed Dining // Emily Carr University, Vancouver, Canada

COLLABORATION // April Piluso, Emily Carr University, Interaction Design

ROLE // Fieldwork premised on the use of data collection and participation observation, subsequent analyses revealed 5 personas, in charge of in-depth critical analysis of each persona and the creation of empathy maps, paper prototyping of an app and developed a probe kit to gain user insights. Continually developed various paper prototypes to adapt to the developing project, took initiative for keynote presentation planning, liaised on graphic design development of the app. 

PROJECT OBJECTIVE // Health Families BC have a program in British Columbia called Informed Dining. Its similar to the nutritional information you can find on food products in stores, but it is for meals in restaurant. At this moment can you find pamphlets and booklets in the restaurants, by usually only by request. 

CONCEPT // This app will help people who have higher expectations for their food, like bodybuilder, people with health issues or dieters to understand the content of their food and be able to plan with it/around it.

// hope you enjoyed a peak into my toolbox